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CIS 150 (Networking)
CIS 160 (Security)
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IT Career Information IT Career Information
DoD Directive 8570.1
IT Jobs in Cochise County
DoD Directive 8570.1
IT Jobs in Cochise County
Intro to Networking 2.0 Access Control
Chpt Slides |
Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2
How Stuff Works - Networking Channel

Namuo Security Slides

Lecture Slides 1.0 and 2.0

Realtime map of attacks

Standards and OSI Model
Slides |
IANA | ICANN | 7 layers handout |
OSI and ports Quiz
Transmission Basics & Media 3.0 Cryptography
Slides |
Media Help | Cabling Help

Steganography Tool | MD5 hash tool |
Lecture Slides 3.0
MD5: 19CFE586E4798BD8F8BD000439C95A62
MD5 Hash Demo Video

PGP Tutorial | Diffie-Hellman
| Verisign
Download PGP 32bit |
Download PGP 64bit |

Namuo Public Key
TCP/IP Protocols
Slides |
IPv6 Basics |
Subnetting Instructional Video
Topologies 4.0 Policies, Procedures, and Awareness
Slides |
Gigabit Ethernet |


Slides |
Fully Switched Network Explained

Router Int/Ext Interface Video

Wide Area Networks 5.0 Physical Security
Slides |
Cisco Internetworking Handbook

Physical Security Scenarios
Biometrics in Iraq

Wireless Networking

Slides |
Top 10 Wireless Cities |

TCP/IP in-depth 6.0 Permimeter Defenses
Slides |
ipconfig | WHOIS |
Subnetting Instructional Video

HiTech Heist (60 mins) | KisMAC
Barracuda Content Filter (Video)
Symantec's Latest Internet Threat Report | TeamViewer | PuTTY | NetStumbler |
DMZ Lecture Video | Angler Exploit Kit | Nmap/Wireshark Tutorial |

Remote Access
Slides |
Remote Tools |
Network Security 7.0 Network Defense
Slides | Retina Vulnerability Scanner
Nmap Utility | Snort IDS Utility |
Download PGP 32bit
Download PGP 64bit |
Snort Tutorial | WinPcap
Conficker Story2.0 Cryptography
Stuxnet and Cyberwarfare

Bluetooth Snarfing
Bluetooth Eavesdropping
IMU Scareware Scheme

Realtime Map of Attacks
Lecture Slides 7.0
How the Net works
OSI Model Handout
Slides |
VoIP Wiki
Troubleshooting 8.0 Host Defenses
Slides |
Testing Devices | Wireshark

Avast AV | Commodo Firewall | MalwareBytes | Ad-Aware | Snort IDS Utility | Snort Tutorial
WinPcap | Snadboy tool | Keylogger |

Lecture Slides 8.0

Integrity and Availability
Slides |
Symantec Removal Tools | Hoaxes
Network Management 9.0 Application Defenses
Slides | No Assignment

VeriSign Hacked | JAVA vulnerabilities | Lecture Slides 9.0 |

Final Project: Network Design Plan
Final Project Requirements Document
10.0 Data Defenses
  Adidas Hacked | UA data breach |
UH data breach | More data breach infoSIFT forensic toolkit | Sleuth Kit | YouTube & Copyright
  11.0 Assessments and Audits
  Critical Infrastruction Protection Assessments | Nessus | Wireshark | Asset Inventory and Vulnerability Assessment Worksheet
Network + Exam Resources Security + Exam Resources
Network+ Exam Objectives

Security+ Exam Objectives (SY0-401)

CIS 150 Supplemental Resources CIS 160 Supplemental Resources

Namuo Security Slides
Veteran's Affairs stolen laptop story
Federal agencies fail info security tests

Stuxnet-cyberweapon of mass destruction
Fighting Viruses and Defending the Net
ZoneAlarm 10.2
AVG Free AntiVirus
60 Minutes story on wireless security
Free Troubleshooting Tools
NeoTrace (Tracert GUI)
SDRC Network Diagram | |

| Wireshark | Nmap/ZenMap | 3G vs 4G
Whitehouse FISMA report
IE 10 and do no track compliance
DoD USB Directive | HBSS and DCMsDisableUSB.adm
Offline NT Password Recovery
SDRC Network Diagram


Final Project
Final Project Requirements Document
Course Twitter Feed
Course Twitter Feed
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